Welcome to A-Maunders.net, the web site for Alex and Abi Maunders. Make yourself comfortable, pull up a chair and make yourself at home (but wipe your feet first).
First a bit of news, my main PC is dead... due to the Monkeyboys at Southern Electricity flicking the power on and off until they succeeded in frying the motherboard and\or processor of my PC. As a result of this some of the work for this web site is temporarily "lost" until I can buy the replacement parts and re-build my PC, I've also temporarily lost some e-mail addresses, which I'll get back once the new PC is built, probably in a few months time. The other consequence of my main PC going down is that I don't have another PC good enough to run a couple of the graphics applications I use to create graphics for this web site, which will mean that the site will retain a somewhat "half-finished" look for some time which I will try and pass off as rustic charm (if such a thing can exist on the internet!)
Now some far better news.. the wedding photos have at last made it to this site! Yes! After much delay (and several re-writes) I've created a section to the site for our wedding, and currently it takes up the main bulk of the site after the site redesign, more things will be added from time to time in the future. Each web page and link has been lovingly hand crafted for your delight!